Bostick for LA City Council District 11



Home to LAX and two world-class institutes of higher education (Loyola Marymount and Otis College of Art and Design), Westchester is situated at the southernmost portion of district 11 and Los Angeles.

While Westchester was once a strong, diverse agricultural center, it was quickly developed into a single-family residential community as the southern California aerospace industry “took off” after the conclusion of World War II. 

Thus began our neighborhood’s tumultuous relationship with aviation and our area airport, LAX (formerly known as Mines Field). As the 1960s witnessed the evolution of a nascent airline industry into what would be called the Jet Age, LAX began seeking opportunities to expand in efforts to better serve the greater LA area. It was during this decade that Encounter Restaurant was built, a Jetsons’-themed “space age” restaurant was built on the airport.

Westchester has a great deal of potential as a neighborhood. Those of us who are fortunate to live here have known that it is a special place for years and I firmly believe that with proper stewardship in the council office, our neighborhood can become part of the greater LA consciousness.  We have the basic ingredients for a world-class park in Westchester Park as well as a vibrant senior community and our local universities, LMU and Otis, have established themselves as cutting edge universities of learning innovation. 

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