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Playa Del Rey

Long known as the hidden gem of the Westside, Playa del Rey is a beach community just south of Venice just off the beaten path from Culver Blvd. at the end of the Ballona Creek.

The area has a long and controversial history of land use, beginning with the efforts to alter the natural flood plane that was the Ballona wetlands by constructing a concrete channel to house Ballona Creek. In the 1870s, there was a massive endeavor to create harbor at the end of Ballona Creek to facilitate a shipping industry connected to the East, but subsequent flooding of the dredged area ended those plans. The “harbor” was turned into the Playa Del Rey Lagoon.

The proximity to LAX continues to be an issue for area residents and previous expansion efforts by the airport resulted in the condemnation and removal of large portions of Playa Del Rey. Residents are still concerned over the upcoming modernization and expansion airports initiated by LAWA and this, along with efforts to restore the Ballona Wetlands to its pre-dredging condition will continue to be on the forefront of the community’s mind. 

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