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Pacific Palisades

The Pacific Palisades is an idyllic community of tree-lined streets and excellent hiking. Nestled into a hidden corner at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the residents have so far managed to maintain the feeling of a small residential and avoid the kind of unnecessary over-development that might destroy this ideal Los Angeles neighborhood.

Originally founded as a religious intellectual commune in the 1920s by Charles H. Scott and the Southern California Methodist Episcopal Church, the area became a point of refuge for writers and actors fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The Palisades is currently known for its innovative education in both public and private schools. That combined with its vast recreational opportunities (Rustic Canyon Park, Temescal Canyon, Will Rogers State Park) and vibrant farmers’ market on Swarthmore each (8AM – 1PM, Sundays) makes it an ideal community for raising a family.

The casual observer might view this quintessentially walk-able neighborhood and dismiss community concerns as unwarranted, but the Palisades needs stewardship and an involved councilmember as much as everyone else. There are constant attempts to develop the pristine coastal area and alter what must remain a single-family residential community.  Access into and out of the area is precarious, particularly when you consider the high potential for fire in this geographically isolated region. The careless installation of cell towers would destroy the natural beauty that has become the hallmark of the neighborhood.  I would also argue that the main business corridor needs better stewardship in order to better serve the residents.

These are but a few concerns I have for the Palisades. I look forward to discussing solutions with the community.

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