Bostick for LA City Council District 11



Modernize the way our government serves us by increasing transparency, efficiency, and creating a more sustainable Los Angeles.

Problem: Los Angeles government is secretive, sluggish, and punitive to businesses. We also rely heavily on importing our water from distant sources, a practice that we will find increasingly difficult, costly, and rife with friction as Southwest governments compete over a dwindling resource.

Solution: Move much of Los Angeles government’s actions online and enact “Sunshine Standards” of government that open everyday actions to scrutiny by anyone with access to the internet, and build out a more sustainable water use policy.

Modernize the way the city of Los Angeles serves us:

  • This starts with access to your councilmember. I vow to respond to all phone calls and emails within 24-48 hours.
  • Publish the budget online in real time, so we can track spending as it occurs by department and site.
  • Create a Yelp4Govt so anyone can rate departments and sites on a 5 star system to increase customer service in city employees.
  • Expand the use of smart phone apps like Garcetti 311 to provide efficient channels of communication between people and government on needs like potholes and graffiti

Sustainability: Water Security

  • Increase LA’s wastewater recycling + grey water use so we stop watering our residential lawns with drinking water.
  • Expand our rainwater recapture systems.
  • Replace LADWP’s decrepit infrastructure. Currently, 20% of their pipelines are over 100 years old and burst under modest stress.
  • Expand residential customer access to Smart Water Meters. They provide real time data on water use that helps customers curb waste, save money on their bills, and identify leaks.

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