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@downtownlacada TY for the RT!
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Raise the minimum wage to $9.88 hr + that person's salary jumps from $15k to $20k a year - hardly a #LivingWage.
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What’s the most popular time 4 juveniles to engage in a violent crime? 3-6 PM. We need afterschool programs. #PutKidsFirst #CommunityFirst
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Latchkey kids R 3 times more likely 2 skip classes, use drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or become sexually active #PutKidsFirst #JP13
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MT @downtownlacada: Another must see video - Bus 52 Presents: @homeboyind : via @youtube
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One key to approaching homelessness is that your primary focus at introduction is to recognize their humanity. #NAEH12
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If you can get a #homeless person 2 see if they have potential value to the community, they will be more inclined to accept help #NAEH12
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@odysseusbostick When you schedule a visit to the L.A. Mission, stop by Downtown L.A. CADA - and I'll set up a tour of the LAMP too.
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'There are many ways to manifest kindness: sharing, caring, helping, listening, are just a few." - B. Tarkanian
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@downtownlacada Ty for the RT!
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Don't know whether to laugh or cry MT: “@healthebay: toilet actually has less #bacteria than swimming N #ocean. #BRC”
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Downtown L.A. CADA is a substance abuse and behavioral outpatient treatment program located on Los Angeles' Skid Row. Tweets by Program Coordinator B. Tarkanian
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@downtownlacada Ty for the follow! I'd love to schedule a time to learn more about your group.
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@downtownlacada Ty for the rt!
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The avg homeless person in #LACounty is 40 yrs old. If we ignore them, we ignore their economic potential. #CommunityFirst @pathpartners
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"Letting go isn't the's a beginning". - B. Tarkanian

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