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      首页 > 产品中心 > 涂装喷涂检测仪器系列涂装喷涂检测仪器系列


      可燃性气体检测仪系列 Combustible gas detection instrument series


      实时检测:可燃气体、氧气、硫化氢(或可燃气体、氧气、一氧化碳),不间断的LCD 同时显示H2SCOO2 以及可燃气体的浓度(0-100 LEL 0-5.0 甲烷),可发出100 分贝的警报鸣声和明亮的广角闪光警报(典型) 配有内置振动警报,适用于高噪声区,全功能自检:传感器、电池、电路和声音/闪光/震动警报等功能。


      Real-time detection: flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide (or flammable gas, oxygen, carbon monoxide), uninterrupted LCD shows at the same time H2S, CO, O2 and combustible gas concentration (0-100 LEL or 0-5.0 methane), can send out 100 db alarm growl and bright wide Angle flash alarm (typical) with built-in vibration alert, be applicable to the high noise area, all function self-check: sensors, battery, circuit and sound/flash/vibration alarm etc. Function.