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      产品特点 Product features


      Can remove the built-in electrostatic spray gun manual. Within the gun, short circuit protection, as pressure of automatic tracking using more safe. Independent "five road gas" design, powder amount, gas, gas diluted fluidized air, clean air and atomization gas rotation. The stainless steel frame cart and for powder barrels, durable, clean more. High power, integrated circuit, accord with different body, the diversion can overcome completely of edge and concave a spray, triple adjustable gas supply system, have DuoZhong nozzle available for client's choice. Vulcanization for powder for powder, fluent, the powder evenly. The system configuration optimization, small size, high efficiency, high pressure, the built-in powder amount maximum 500 G/min. The use of advanced automatic tracking technology, can overcome completely edge horn, and a concave, and a blind Angle and Yin Angle of spraying problem. With Level can achieve beautiful beautiful smooth requirements, on powder rate is high, save powder.