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      工况条件与技术指标 Working condition and technical indexes














      Level C-Major pipeline strainer

      Many used for air compressor back after cooler or freezing drying machine and other filter to protect the whole system. It can filter out a lot of liquid and solid particles of the more than three micron, achieve a minimum of residual oil containing only 5 PPMX/W.

      Level T- Air pipe filters

      Most of the devices is used in the tool, machinery, motor, cylinder equipment and before super efficient except oil filter in level A, absorbing type desiccator to remove moisture and the particle. Can filter out small to 1 micron of liquid and solid particles, achieve a minimum of residual oil only 0.5 PPW/W.

      Level A- Super efficient except oil filter

      Many used for adsorption dryer upstream or freezing drying downstream machine to ensure that the system the use of air in a complete state of no oil. Can filter out small to 0.01 micron of liquid and solid particles, residual oil up to the minimum weight only 0.001 PPMW/W. Be sure to make  T level air pipe filters in upstream to protect.

      Level H- Active carbon deodorant filter

      Filter was processed by special activated carbon, it can completely adsorption hydrocarbons and so on gas odor to achieve it completely not smelly no taste quality and senior air quality requirements, such as food, medicines, breathing air, etc. Can filter out small to 0.01 micron oil mist and hydrocarbons, to achieve the minimum residual oil content of only 0.003 PPMW/W. Be sure to make A level air pipe filters in upstream to protect.