Bostick for LA City Council District 11



How our community works determines how much we enjoy our lives and how productive our economy is.  We need more walk-able, bike-able and user-friendly communities with equitable access to public space, parks, transportation, and housing.

Problem: Measure R has initiated the creation of a world-class transportation framework based on light rail, but this move away from cars brings with it a movement towards more density that might compromise the unique qualities of our neighborhoods.

Solutions: New development must focus primarily on raising the quality of our lives, respecting neighborhood specific plans, and enhancing – not replacing – the characteristics of the neighborhood in ways that foster more engagement in the community by its residence in order to stimulate our local economies.

Specifically, we must:

  • Increase the walk-ability and bike-ability along our neighborhood business corridors to create a sense of a "small village".
  • Provide more public space and increase beautification efforts to entice people to spend leisure time in their neighborhoods.
  • Provide housing opportunities that serve all economic backgrounds.
  • Connect Santa Monica/Venice to the Southbay with a rail line.
  • Ensure any increase in density is mixed-use (housing with commercial).
  • Provide rail service into LAX.
  • Install a streetcar down Lincoln Blvd. from Santa Monica and up Venice Blvd. to the Expo Line in Culver City. 
  • Remove the blight of commercial billboards from neighborhood residential areas.


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