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Tucked away in a little corner at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, Brentwood is isolated enough to truly be called a neighborhood village, yet it still provides residents access to greater LA via the 405.

Brentwood as a community developed after the Mexian-American War with the disassembling of the Mexican Rancho System. Specifically, Brentwood came to be when the Sepulveda family broke the Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica into parcels. Soon afterward, a 600 acre compound was built in the area to provide housing for disabled veterans. Gradually, others settled in the area just outside the veterans’ home with many farming soybeans and avocados.

Coral trees cut a line through Brentwood’s main street, San Vicente Boulevard, where local shopping and dining in the “Brentwood Village” area is abundant and the farmer’s market takes place each along Gretna Green Way each Sunday from 9 AM – 2:30PM.  The neighborhood draws large crowds of tourists each year to shop, people-watch, and visit the world renown Getty Museum.

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